Apple HomePod mini smart speaker review: Bright colours. Great output. Right choice


Apple has upgraded its HomePod mini smart speaker with a host of features and three new colour options. Priced at Rs 9,900, the HomePod mini comes in yellow, orange and blue, and is wrapped in a fabric mesh. The colours – even the braided cable come in the same hues – give the speakers a vibrant touch and are rather slick. The speaker is about 8.4 cm tall and 9.8 cm wide.

There are no buttons on the HomePod mini, rather it has an opaque glass panel on top. It is powered by the S5 chip which relies on computational audio to deliver great output. There is a single full-range driver and two passive radiators. It has four microphones, which are just right for voice commands. The HomePod Mini is a peak Apple device as it doesn’t really work with Android.

However, it only takes a few steps to pair with the iPhone or an iPad. Apple has added support for Lossless music on the mini. The HomePod mini is loud and delivers consistently good audio output for every genre of music. Siri now supports multiple languages, which means one can combine English with Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and other languages for voice commands.

The speaker still lags in support for smart devices compared to rivals like Amazon Echo, but on those that do — like Philips Hue — it works seamlessly. For iPhone users looking for a smart speaker, the HomePod mini is the right choice.

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