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Her life changed overnight after she won immense fame post the release of her award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. The actress played the younger version of Latika in the Danny Boyle directorial. From living a life in the slums of Mumbai, soon, Rubina Ali Qureshi was seen doing interviews, attending the Oscar Awards and hobnobbing with the who’s who from the national and international members of the film fraternity.

After that film she continued to act in a couple more projects, but now that she is a grown-up she has lost touch with acting. In an earlier interaction with Bombay Times, Rubina spoke about her professional life. The 22 year old is now making a career being a beautician.

Rubina Ali Qureshi

She has opened her own salon near Mumbai and has been offering hair styling and makeup services. We got some exclusive pictures of hers while she’s at the job.

Rubina Ali Qureshi enjoying her hand at her new found passion

“Days passed by… aur umra bhi badhti gayi. Nothing was coming my way. I wanted to find myself a secure job so that I can feed myself and don’t depend upon others. Initially, I wanted to be an air hostess and then I developed this inclination towards being a beautician, which I finally took up. I want to grow and be better at my job. I would like to turn into a celebrity hair and makeup artist in the near future,” she had said. Having mentioned that, Rubina also said that if she gets approached for acting, she would definitely like to try her hand at it again and would also like to explore an opportunity in a show like Bigg Boss as a contestant.

(Photo Courtesy: Prashant Jadhav)

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